Almost every wig wearer has a fear of wig drop malfunction. While chilling out at night and dancing in a club, your wig may slip from your head. You will face such situations if you don’t know entirely how to secure your wig.

Luckily a list of tips has been prepared for you in this article. So if you want to wear a red wig on a day out at the beach, you can use the things described below to protect yourself from any wig slip problem.

1. Wig Cap:

A wig cap is the best option for cap-less wigs and people without natural hair. The wig cap generates a clean and protected zone between the scalp and wig.

It reduces the itchiness by maintaining cleanliness. It is used for covering both long and short hair. It keeps the hair firmly in place.

You can protect yourself from experiencing a wig slip incident by wearing a wig cap. It is prepared with different materials like:

  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Mesh

2. Wig Grip Band:

It has a resemblance to the headbands. It is manufactured from flexible velvet material. It can adequately cover your hair and creates a strong link with the wig.

It can even work well for hairless individuals. It can prevent headaches that usually happen after wearing a wig. It allows easy removal of the wig.

3. Bobby Pins:

If you are looking for the most accessible and affordable option for securing your wig, then bobby pins are the best option. These work well for people with a lot of natural hair.

It is best for those who have sensitive scalp as it does not stick to it and does not create itching or any irritation. You must use a matching booby pin with your wig and skin tone.

4. Silicone Sheets:

To try an HD lace wig, you must use silicone sheets to secure it. They cling to your head correctly and ensure that your wig will not slip easily. These sheets are comfortable and soft. These sheets last long as the silicone used does not stretch out quickly.

5. Metal Wig Clips:

Metal wig clips are another excellent solution for securing your wig. These pins are sewn into the wig to ensure the most vital link.

You can get wigs with pre-attached metal wig clips.

These clips do not require much maintenance like other things. It is best for the people who have to go to the office early in the morning. It is essential to buy clips that match your wig color.

6. Wig Adhesive:

Wig adhesive is the most widely used item for keeping the lace front wig from slipping off. It would help if you used a medical-grade adhesive to avoid itchiness. It will keep your wig secure for a longer duration.

Before applying any adhesive, you must clean your hairline and forehead to ensure the removal of oil and any other makeup. Adhesive will not work well in the presence of any oily particle.

7. Wig Tape:

Wig tape is double-sided. It prevents the wig from slipping, especially during the daytime. It is scalp friendly and the best alternative to glue. It will protect your wig from slipping off for a more extended period.


If you want an excellent wig experience, you must apply one of the abovementioned things to keep your wig from falling off.


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