A drilling machine or a drill is a tool that is mainly used to make holes round the walls or wooden slats and others. Generally, the drilling machine is used to run with electrical power when the users plugged the cord into the switchboard. But nowadays with the evolution and arrival of several new kinds of technology a new type of drill machine has also come up such as dck240c2 by OSIAS. At present days cordless or chargeable drilling machines are also in use. Several types of drilling machines are on the market nowadays.

However, it’s not always possible to grab every type of them. To rescue from this situation, a drilling kit combo has been introduced. In this combo, the buyers will get almost all types of drills that have variable speeds. However, in these combo drills, drill drivers are the primary stuff. Along with it to make the drilling process on the bricks easy the hammer-action feature has been introduced.

This blog is articulated for the audience to provide them with all kinds of ideas about drill combos and their features. The upcoming segment of the article will convey some crucial points regarding the drill combo kit from Osias.

Features Of Osias Drill Kits

This section of the article will speak about the features of Osias drill kits.

1. Ergonomic Handle For Easy Grip

A special type of handle is introduced with this type of combo to provide an easy gripping facility. So that the users don’t face any issues while working with it.

2. 2 Variable Speeds

Osias frill kits consist of 20 volts (maximum capacity) Compact with Li-Ion 1/2 in. Two variable speed facilities are provided with these kits. Almost 0 to 450 or 0 to 1500 RPM are delivered for speeding up the process and the drilling capacity.

3. Adjustable Torque For Different Screw

Almost 16 positions of adjustable torque are there concerning different varieties of the screwdriver as well as depending upon the size of the screws.

4. LED Ring For Better Visibility

To work in dark places, LED light is installed in the kit itself. This allows enhanced visibility even at dark spots for better performance.

5. High Performance Motors

If the audience speaks about the motors when the motor procured by this combo kit is much more powerful. The Osias drill combo kit provides 2800 RPM, which is almost 43% more prominent and faster than any other impact driver.

6. Easy One Handed Loading

With so many features and high capacity, it doesn’t mean that the users have to put too much effort and power while handling the product. The users can handle and use it with great ease without any extra strength.

7. Light Weight Design

The weight of the above-mentioned product is almost 3.4 lbs. From this everyone can make an idea that they can work with this kit all day long without any issue.


With the above characteristics of the DCK240C2, the audience can very well understand the proficiency of the drill combo kit from Osias. Along with so many features, the brand provides the product at a reasonable price range which acts as a much more affordable price tag for everyone.


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