The word dashiki, from its roots, may mean man’s shirt, but today, dashiki is not only worn by men. If we try to take a survey, we wouldn’t be surprised if women wear the dashiki clothing more than men. Dashiki is the complete representation of the African and Nigerian culture, and the outfit can be mixed with many other fabric options. 

Initially, dashiki was sewn into shirts only worn by men. But soon enough, women began wearing these shirts, and within the twinkle of an eye, we have dashiki gowns, joggers, skirts, among others. The dashiki, from history, is light and is usually worn when the weather is hot. But with the development of technology and innovation, you now have sweaters designed with a dashiki. The versatility of dashiki has made it popular globally. 

There are different types, styles, colors, and forms of the dashiki. The way you want to style yours depends on your choice, the weather, and the occasion. Some of the best ways to style your dashiki include; 

As a Shirt – Any Gender

During the hot weather, dressing light is the best way for comfort, and you can trust dashiki to deliver the lightest material with the best style possible. You can wear the dashiki over a pair of jeans or pants and add unique sneakers. For the ladies, light-colored dashikis like white also match nicely with bum shorts. Be careful to choose the right color of dashiki that will fit your skin color. 

As a Gown – For Ladies

How do you like your gowns, long or short? Whichever one you prefer, a dashiki gown will always amaze you. You have the liberty to make the gowns tight to look hot, and you can also have a free-flowing gown if you will. 

As Joggers – Any Gender

You may already be wondering how you can make dashiki joggers. All you need is a good fashion designer to sew your dashiki fabric to any one of your joggers. Real dashikis aren’t very cheap, so you may want to be sure of the expertise of the fashion designer before making your choice. 

As a Sweater

When winter comes, we need thicker outfits and left to the texture of dashiki; it’s not a good fit. However, there are numerous ways to style your dashiki in the coldest weather. There are dashiki shirts with long-sleeves that can counter some levels of cold. If this doesn’t cut it for you, you can always try out wearing the dashiki shirt over a sweater. If you have a jacket, you can wear it over the dashiki shirt, and you’ll look stylish and stay warm. 

How to Preserve dashiki

The first step of preservation for dashikis is ensuring you buy an excellent dashiki. With a dashiki outfit of good quality, protection wouldn’t be hard. Preserving your dashiki is as easy as washing optimally and allowing the fabric to dry correctly. Don’t wash it too much, as it may lose its color, but at the same time, don’t leave it dirty. 


dashiki may originate from Africa, but it has global recognition today. Apart from the styles discussed in this guide, there are numerous other ways to rock your dashiki. All you need to do is to ensure you’re wearing it right!


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