A highlight wig is typically any wig that has colored sections that are lighter than the base color. Highlight wigs vary from one type to another. The wigs may be colored in different ways, for example, bleach knots, natural hairline, and pre-plucked, to mention a few.

Highlight wigs may differ greatly because of the high level of customization that people might have with highlight wigs. You may choose a highlight that suits you best as there is no specific highlight wig that people recognize. The selection always lies with you as the wearer of the wig.

Can a wig be highlighted?

Yes, you can highlight wigs according to your preference. If you would like a wig, you should follow a process to highlight the wig successfully. If you follow the process correctly, you should be assured of great results.

First, you need to bleach the wig when you want to highlight it—highlighting means dying the wig with sharp color. Bleaching is important, especially for human hair wigs. This first process leaves the wig plain and ready to add a new touchy color.

How do you highlight hair wigs?

Highlighting your hair wig requires you to have bleach, gloves, and a brush which might be optional. Before you start the highlighting process, you should ensure all the items you need are assembled in one place. Pre-preparation helps you to work with speed and avoid messing around your working area.

Once you have collected all the necessary items and materials in a central position, including your wig, you need to make the mixtures and begin to highlight your wig. When highlighting, be certain to begin from the bottom-most layer of the wig. Afterward, cover each layer with an aluminum foil to speed up the bleaching process. Progress systematically to the next layer choosing the areas you want to highlight.

When you have finished with the highlight, allow the bleach to work within the next thirty-five minutes. Use shampoo to clean the wig in running water. Condition the wig, and be sure to rinse the wig and allow it to dry thoroughly. The best time to comb the wig is when it is completely dried.

How to care for human hair highlight wigs

Human hair highlight wigs are delicate because of the highlighting process that they have been taken through. Therefore, the wigs need extra care for them to maintain their highlights. Great care will help prolong the lifespan of the highlighted wigs.

First, when you wash highlighted human hair wigs, you should use a small amount of mild shampoo. You may choose to add any hydrated products to mix with the shampoo, but you should take a high level of care to avoid damaging the highlights.

You should also consider applying shine masks and doing hair removal frequently. While removing the hair, you should use special brushes to comb the wig extensions to avoid depleting them. Above all, while sleeping, you need to either remove your wig or cover the wig with a silk headscarf to protect it.


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