The demand for rattan chairs is increasing worldwide. These chairs are now not only in use homes but are also widely used in cafes, restaurants, banks, coffee shops, and bars. The wide use of rattan chairs is only because of the glamour of Rattan. In today’s world, it is still unknown to many people what Rattan is. There is another term that is used besides Rattan. It is called wicker. It is the technique in which natural wood is weaved into furniture products. These two terms are used interchangeably. Rattan is the primary material used to manufacture wood products, while wicker is the method by which these products are produced. With the technique of wicker, straw, bamboo, or Rattan is turned into furniture products. Rattan is usually found in hot tropical regions of the world. It is mainly found in Africa, Australia, and South and Southeast Asian forests. There are different species and genera of Rattan. It has been estimated that there are approximately 600 other species and 15 genera of Rattan. It is most widely used in making chairs and tables of premium quality.

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What does Rattan look like?

Rattan looks like bamboo. Rattan plants have spines over the sheaths, allowing them to expand and grow over other plants. Hence it can increase quickly in bushes as well. The optimum conditions required for rattan plants to succeed are temperatures ranging from 25 – 30 degrees Celsius and rainfall of 2,000 mm. Rattan is a plant of the palm family and is primarily found in the forests of Indonesia. Other countries at sea levels of up to 3000 meters, including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Vietnam, also produce this tree.

Benefits of using Rattan for furniture:

In many of the countries mentioned above, people of villages rely much on Rattan. The people of towns and communities trade this plant and manage their household expenses. There are some countries also which make the trade of Rattan internationally. One of the examples is in Vietnam. Rattan contributes about 15% of the net GDP of the country. Another benefit of using Rattan for furniture is that it provides more comfort than wood furniture. As mentioned earlier, furniture from Rattan is made using by wicker technique. , if there is proper weaving, rattan furniture can provide extra support and comfort. One thing to be considered while using rattan chairs is using a cushion. It will result in sitting for a long time without any discomfort. Rattan furniture can easily be polished; hence, it is open to paints and stains. So, rattan furniture of any color can be made. The outer covering of the Rattan is usually taken away and is used for different purposes. Rattan chairs are very lightweight, durable, and resistant to harsh environments. It is used for outdoor furniture due to its resistant nature.


Due to the extensive use of Rattan worldwide, there is a threat to Rattan’s existence. The unsustainable use without any conservative measures can also lead to the overall ecosystem of the forests. Countries with an abundance of this tree must take proactive steps to safeguard against its extinction.


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