Whether you like wearing a short wig or you prefer the longer options, wig manufacturers across the globe give you way too many options. Wigs come in different lengths ranging between eight inches and thirty-two inches. Therefore there’s a wide range of options for wig lovers. We have the short wigs, the medium wigs, and of course, the long wigs.

Picking suitable wigs can sometimes be some trouble if you don’t know how to go about it. The first step is to understand the different wig sizes that wigs come in. As we have mentioned, wigs have different sizes; let’s look at each wig size;

Eight inches

If you want to wear a wig, but you’re not looking at the possibilities of the wig making you uncomfortable when the weather is hot, then maybe you should try the eight inches wig. Likewise, if you love working out and putting your wig on, then this length of wig wouldn’t get in the way, and you still get to look beautiful. If you want short bob wigs, the eight inches long is a great option.

Ten inches

Of course, two inches higher than the eight-inch wigs. Now, if you want a short wig, but you feel that the eight inches wigs will be too short, then a ten inches will surely come in handy. Ten-inch wigs are also great if you’re tall and want your wig around your shoulders. This wig length works perfectly if you’re styling your bob wig in a middle part or side part.

Twelve inches

Generally, bob wigs are widely regarded as short wigs. But if you prefer a classic option of a long bob wig, then twelve inches is the correct length for you. This wig length is increasingly growing in popularity because of social media trends. This length always goes well when trying to have curls on your bob wig.

Fourteen inches

Wigs with a fourteen-inch length are what we usually regard as the medium length of wigs. It’s long, but not unnecessarily long. If you’re a fan of deep wave wigs, spiral wigs, and even some bob wigs, the fourteen inches length will always make it bang.

Sixteen inches

When you wear a sixteen-inch wig, you know that you’re wearing a long wig. Because of the length, you can play around with different wig styles. You can have it curly or straight, loose or deep waves – anywhere your creativity leads you.

Eighteen inches

Arguably, wigs that are eighteen inches long are amongst the most common wig options in the globe today. It gives you the liberty to try out any style you want on your hair. The way an eighteen inches wig sits on your shoulders in front or behind is beautiful – making you look attractive.

Twenty inches

If you love long wigs that the wind can toss around on the beach, then twenty inches is more than just right. With a wig of twenty inches, your hair is a little bit around your waist area, depending on how tall you are.


There are still higher lengths of wigs, from 22 inches to 32 inches. These lengths give you the liberty of style but can sometimes be a pain in the ass. With the information in this guide, you can choose your preferred wig size.