Pillows are a staple in most households for that good night’s sleep. They are a significant source of comfort as they provide support and minimize or eliminate body pain, especially in the head, neck, back, and joints. Pillows vary in shape, style, material, and size. You can buy a child pillow or adult pillow depending on the user or bed size. Generally, pillows can be grouped into different categories based on their type. In this post, we hight the four types of pillows.

Common types of pillows

Each kind of pillow has unique qualities that serve different purposes. They also have varying benefits, but most of them are similar. They are;

1. Standard pillow

Standard pillows are commonly referred to as regular pillows. They were the original batch of pillows before other shapes got introduced. They are mostly rectangular or oval and can be found in almost every household. The pillows are primarily constructed for sleeping purposes, but their use has diversified outside the bedroom. They provide back support while seated plus other uses. Standard pillows come in specific sizes to fit various bed sizes. Like an infant pillow will vary from that of a toddler or an adult.

2. Bolster pillow

This pillow is mostly found in lounge areas but can also be used on the bed. The ends are half-circle, while the center part is long and rounded. The bolster pillow is not as common as the standard, but it comes in handy, especially after an injury. You can use it to elevate and support the knee joint by putting it under the knees or when you wish to lie on your back. Its also suitable for other sleeping positions like sleeping on your side to help curb hip, back, or joint pains.

3. Contoured pillow

It’s also called the cervical or orthopedic pillow. It is made of memory foam, which helps it mold to your body when sleeping and regain its shape when you wake up. It is curved with a slight dip at the center to mimic the neck and upper spine curve and where you place the head.  On the pillow, edges are two ridges, one on the upper side, the other on the lower side. It offers excellent support for your neck and shoulders, thus reducing the pressure build-up within the muscles. You can position the pillow in whichever direction you want and still be comfortable during your sleep.

4. Wedge pillow

The shape is similar to that of a cheese block. It is designed to elevate not just your head but even the neck and shoulders such that you don’t strain the neck and shoulder muscles. Wedges pillows are perfect for keeping you upright when watching TV or reading a book and still provide the needed comfort.

Last words

We have discussed the types of pillows based on their shape. However, they can also be grouped according to their sizes or functions. Some of the functions include providing support, elevating your body, aligning the spine, and many others. Choose your pillow type carefully, considering essential factors like size, health benefits, intended use, and design.


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