You want your hair to look its very best when you are at the office.

Even when you accessorize with a wig, you want the day to end with your head as well put together as it was when the day began. And this despite the inevitable hustle and bustle of the workday. It is for this reason that the lace front wigs are popular.

They blend in so naturally with your hairline that it’s hard to tell you are wearing a wig. Also, because the lace only goes halfway to the scalp, it makes it possible to part your hair to achieve various effects.

How to Pick the Best Lace Front Wig for the Office

Lace front wigs come in various shapes, sizes, curls and materials. If you choose wisely, you will get a wig that serves you for a long time.

Comfort should come first, especially with regard to your occupation. It should not be too long.

The wig should sit lightly on your head and should let your scalp breathe. It should also fit snugly, not too tight and not too loose.

The wig should be versatile enough to go with several of your office attires. In addition, it should be hardy enough for a day in the office or out in the field, exposed to the elements without losing its beauty.

And of course, it has to look good, be affordable, and easy to maintain.

Here are some of the best lace front wigs for the office:

Highlight Wig Deep Wave

This wig comes in lengths from 8″- 22″. Whatever your occupation’s demands and hazards, you are likely to find a wig you can safely tuck away.

The Highlight Wig Deep Wave comes in a color that is agreeable to most skin tones, and that can be paired with a variety of outfits. But, of course, it is also safe to dye to a color of your choice.

Short Bob Wig Lace Front

This Brazilian virgin hair wig is 100% human hair. It comes in its natural back hair color with a sheen.

The lengths vary from 8″ – 18″, so you will find a fit whatever your style. It flows to the sides of your head and frames your face beautifully.

Short Bob Wig Lace Front

The short bobs on this wig, ranging from 8″ – 14″, are convenient enough to wear to any workplace. In addition, its natural black can be dyed to any color of choice to enhance its versatility.

Short Human Hair Lace Front Bob Wigs

The short bobs on this wig go just as far as the jawline on either side, providing a frame that will improve any face. The shortness also makes it comfortable to wear in and out of the office.

Like all the wigs in this list, it also features a natural hairline and non-irritant baby hairs all around.

This list is merely a glimpse of the variety available under lace front wigs. It is more important that you know what to consider when you choose.

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