Seersucker fabric is a form of cotton fabric first used in India. This fabric was invented to eliminate the issues related to other cotton fabrics. So, unlike cotton, seersucker fabrics make life much easier in many places.

The significant benefits of these fabrics are;

  • Breathability due to micro air pockets
  • Soft and comfortable
  • No need of ironing
  • Give bumpy appearance
  • Have puckering effect

Initially, there was only pure seersucker, but now a blended form is also available in the market. The mixed or synthesized form of seersucker is polyester fabric. This fabric is cheaper and doesn’t offer true seersucker comfort. Still, many affordable brands are used to get the benefit.

So, when purchasing the seersucker fabric, you should only visit trusted and well-known stores like Alibaba that offer pure material and countless color and print options. But the question is why you need seersucker fabric and where you can use them.

So, here are some typical applications of seersucker fabrics;

· Suits

The seersucker fabric initially came in the form of suits, and even now, it is widely used to make decent men’s suits. The plant where the first mass production of seersucker fabric was done is currently producing many seersucker suits.

This fabric is best for summertime, when you have to attend business meetings but in a professional outfit. You can choose your fabric print and color to design a suit for your summer.

· Swim Suits

This fabric is also known as seersucker swim fabric because it is now widely used to make swimwear. The significant benefit of using this fabric for swimming attire is that it’s soft, easy to dry, and wrinkle-free. So, you can enjoy your swimming time without worrying about looks.

· Curtains and Bedcovers

The use of seersucker fabric to make large curtains and bedcovers is very obvious. As such, clothes are pretty tricky to press and keep neat, so seersucker eliminates the need for high maintenance.

So, if you live in an environment full of dust, you can have curtains and sheets of this fabric to make cleaning easier for you. This fabric can also make tables, sofas, chairs, and other covers.

· FeedSacks

The use of seersucker in making feedsacks is pretty unique and rare. You will hardly find any feedsack made from this material. However, many manufacturers are trying their best to introduce this innovative step.

The seersucker feedsack can be a fantastic replacement for plastic and other fabric bags. These bags are much more breathable and soft with a bubbly appearance, making them ideal for feedsack. To use any fabric for feedsack, breathability is the most critical factor, and seersucker has this unique feature of containing micro airbags in them.

To make feed sacks, the polyester seersucker is even better than pure because of its low price and durability. This fabric is line linen that can resist much higher weight than pure cotton.


Hopefully, this article has helped you explore new ways to use seersucker rather than just making a suit. You can even use this fabric for other applications because Alibaba offers various patterns and designs.

However, as mentioned above, knowing which seersucker fabric you need for your applications is essential as two different types are circulating in the market.


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